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How to find the best-value suppliers when doing a kitchen renovation

Even the best kitchen will start looking tired and old eventually, although the better it was to start with, the longer that will be put off. You need a kitchen renovation — but where do you find the best value?

Don’t use the chains or trade suppliers for your kitchen renovation

For most people, the first port of call for a kitchen renovation will be chains such as Wickes & Wren or trade suppliers like Benchmarx & Howdens. We know they offer the best bargains, because they’re always telling us so.

In fact, despite their claims, the big chains offer only basic quality kitchens that are overpriced for what they are. And that “50% off” sale they always seem to be having is the oldest sales trick in the book — The chains just artificially inflate their prices so they can then give 50% off. These large discounts are designed to mislead consumers into thinking they’re getting a bargain. This tactic is known as price anchoring & is also used by the sofa chains.

Use an independent showroom for your kitchen renovation

A good independent kitchen showroom will offer you a far higher-quality kitchen renovation for a price similar to the chains. And you won’t get any fake discount offers, either. They’ll quote you their best price straight off.

So, how can a small local showroom offer you a kitchen that’s much higher quality than the chains for similar money? simple, their overheads are much smaller. They don’t have massive superstores to run or multi million pound TV adverts to pay for — Therefore, they work on much smaller margins than the big chains. So, you’ll get solid 18mm backs in their units rather than the thinner 3 or 6mm backs that will soon start to bow. You’ll also get thick PVC or ABS edging on the delicate front edges of the carcasses for protection rather than thin melamine edging that offers little or no protection.

Getting your kitchen fitted

Discount or not for a kitchen renovation, the chains charge a fortune for fitting it, and many people instead take the cheaper option of hiring a local builder. The problem is that even a very good builder isn’t a specialist kitchen fitter, and their work won’t have the quality finish of an expert.

Using the independent showroom where you bought your kitchen means it will be fitted by experts in that brand of kitchen for a cost little more than the builder. There’s also the advantage that you’re only using one company. If anything goes wrong, you won’t be caught in the middle of wrangling between supplier and fitter over who’s responsible.

Of course, this assumes you’ve found one of the best showrooms, and that’s where I come in. So, get in touch & let us recommend the best local value local showroom s in your area.  That way, it’s sure to be a very long time before you need your next kitchen renovation.

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