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When you’re browsing the various solid wood kitchens for sale, they all look great in the showroom. That doesn’t mean, though, that they’re all equally good. There are some basic checks to make sure you get one that will still look good years down the line. 1. Not all solid wood kitchens are high quality […]

When we’re looking for a new kitchen, we want both quality and a low price, but it’s not easy to balance the two. How do we find the kitchen retailers who’ll give us both? Go to the big-chain kitchen retailers That should work — after all, chains like Wickes, Magnet and Wren are always telling […]

There are numerous kitchen ranges on the market, from the luxury to the “cheap and cheerful”. While most of us might not be in a position to pay out for a handmade luxury kitchen, we still want good quality that will last. But where do we find that for an affordable price? Where you won’t […]

Modern kitchens look great in the showroom, but it’s also important that they are well made & built to last. Unfortunately, because they can also be expensive, there’s a temptation to cut costs. So where can you buy the best modern kitchens without breaking the bank? Where to buy the best value modern kitchens If […]

As 2016 draws to a close, it’s time to take a look at the kitchen design trends for 2017. Here are the top 3 kitchen design trends we predict to become hot for 2017. Kitchen Design Trends – In-Frame kitchens This year we saw an increasing number of customers asking for in-frame kitchens.  3 years […]

A new kitchen is a major purchase, and it’s tempting to try and cut costs. But sometimes cheap kitchens can be a false economy —  especially if they’re the wrong kind. The right and wrong kinds of cheap kitchens There are two types of cheap kitchens. The wrong type is cheap in price and cheap […]

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