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We recommend local showrooms whose kitchens cost similar to the chains and trade-only suppliers, but are higher quality and will last longer.

They also offer an optional fitting service. Their average fitting price is only £2,000. This is much less than the chains and similar to what builder’s charge.

Plus, some offer pay monthly finance too.

Showrooms offer free, no-obligation quotes and are within 30 minutes drive.

Read what our customers say about our service below:

“The kitchen your guys came up with is far more competitive than anything I have had quoted so far and the quality is in a different league”

Samantha Michaels, Watford, Herts

“Kitchenfindr recommended a showroom who were much better value than most of the other showrooms I’d previously looked at”

Hannah Malone, Esher, Surrey

“Lloyd was able to point me to local independent kitchen retailers offering greater quality and value compared to the high street chains”

Mohammed Hashi, Northolt, Middx

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Below are some examples of the kitchens they offer:

dark blue shaker kitchen 352.1

taupe matt handleless Kitchen 10.1

white matt handleless kitchen 250.1

green mock in frame kitchen 3.2

black matt handleless kitchen 605.1

sage green handleless kitchen 5.1

red shaker kitchen 150.1

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Why are their units higher quality than the chains and trade-only suppliers?

The type of doors used:

The doors are mostly the high-quality painted/lacquered type. In contrast, the chains and trade-only suppliers mainly sell the low-quality foil, PVC and vinyl wrapped types. The problem with the wrapped types is they peel.

below – wrapped doors that are peeling:

Wrapped Gloss Kitchen Door 1

Wrapped Gloss Kitchen Door 2

Wrapped Kitchen Door 5

Gloss kitchen

The quality of the chipboard used:

The units are constructed using high-density chipboard. High-density chipboard will support the weight of the heaviest worktops and will never bow.

In contrast, the chains and trade-only suppliers use cheap, low-density chipboard. The problem with low-density chipboard is it bows under the weight of the worktops.

The first signs of bowing are usually seen on the backs of the units. Once the backs start to bow, it is not usually long before they come away completely, exposing the wall and pipework behind.

The type of edging used:

The units feature impact resistant PVC or ABS edging. The purpose of the edging is to protect the delicate front edges from chips and damage and prevent any water ingress. In contrast, the chains and trade-only suppliers use melamine edging which offers little or no protection.

new diff 6

How can a small showroom be better value than the chains?

Because they have lower overheads. Unlike the chains, they do not have large superstores or costly TV adverts to pay for. Therefore, they can afford to offer higher quality kitchens than the chains, for a similar price.

Surely the chains will be cheaper if their units are in the sale?

No! Because their sales are fake. The chains mislead consumers into thinking they are getting a bargain by inflating their prices and then offering fake discounts. They then pressurise people into putting down a deposit by telling them their sale ends in the next few days.

Isn’t the cheapest way to buy a kitchen via a builder?

No! Because their discounts are also fake. Trade-only suppliers inflate their prices so builders can offer consumers fake discounts. This is the same sales trick the chains use.

In reality, the prices builders quote for kitchens is usually similar to the chains. In fact, they often quote more than the chains, especially in affluent areas.

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