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3 important things to consider when looking at new kitchens

A kitchen is a major investment, and when you’re looking at new kitchens, it’s vital to know what to consider. Here are three things to take into account.

Look at the quality of the units when looking at new kitchens

Most new kitchens look great in the showroom but, like cars, kitchen units vary considerably in quality.

Good-quality units, for instance, will have thick PVC or ABS edging to protect the delicate front edges of the carcasses. Low quality units will have thin melamine edging that offers little or no protection. Similarly, the modern gloss or matt doors on good quality kitchens will be the lacquered or acrylic type rather than the PET, PVC, foil or vinyl wrapped types that peel.

The backs of units may be out of sight but shouldn’t be out of mind when you’re considering new kitchens. If they’re not 18mm thick, they’re likely to soon start to bow.

You won’t find this standard from chains like Wickes, Magnet & Wren, or trade suppliers like Howdens or Benchmarx. To find high-quality new kitchens at prices similar to their lower-standard ones, you need the best independent showrooms.

Use one supplier

When you come to buying worktops and appliances for new kitchens, it may be tempting to shop around for bargains, but that’s a false economy. The more suppliers you use, the more likely something will go wrong — and, if things do go wrong, you’ll be stuck in the middle with a half finished kitchen trying to work out who is responsible. Timing is crucial for installing new kitchens, and if you use several suppliers, you could end up effectively having to project manage a complex operation.

None of this will be a problem if you buy your worktops and appliances from the same independent showroom you buy the  units from. And the chances are you won’t pay much more than the bargains you can find online.

Get your kitchen fitted properly

It’s important to get new kitchens fitted expertly — it’ll show if you don’t. Builders may be excellent at many things, but they aren’t specialist kitchen fitters.

The fitters from the independent showroom you’ve bought from, on the other hand, do nothing but fit the kitchen models the showroom sells. They’ll have the kitchen installed perfectly in half the time — and all for a similar price as the builder would charge you.

Finding the right showroom

Of course, not all independent showrooms are this good, and that’s where I come in. Having spent many years supplying showrooms up and down the country, I know which showrooms offer the best value kitchens & deliver the best possible service.

Our FREE service finds you the best value kitchens.

We’ll recommend local showrooms who are much better value than places like Howdens, Wickes & Wren.

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