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3 important things to consider when looking at a kitchen for sale

Every kitchen looks great in the showroom, and the retailer is naturally eager to tell you it’s the best deal going. So how do you really tell which is the best kitchen for sale?

1. Quality of a kitchen for sale

Kitchens, like cars, vary immensely in quality. A low-quality kitchen will soon start looking tired, with the backs of the units starting to bow and the gloss doors peeling. It’ll soon need replacing, whereas a high-quality kitchen will still be in as good shape after ten years as the day it was fitted.

So what should you look for in a kitchen for sale? One vital thing to ask is the type of gloss used on the doors. It may all look great in the showroom, but the cheap kinds, such as PVC, PET, foil or vinyl wrapped, soon begin peeling off. A modern flat-type door should have a painted or lacquered covering, which will last for years.

Similarly, low-quality kitchen units have hardboard backs of 3-6mm, which will start bowing within a few years. High-quality units, on the other hand, will have solid 18mm backs that will still remain steady for many years.

2. The true price of a kitchen for sale

It’s important to look at the bottom-line price of a kitchen for sale, rather than getting carried away by discounts. Chains, like Wickes, Wren and Magnet, will often offer 50% off, but that’s nothing more than 50% off a price that’s been artificially inflated. This tactic, known as price anchoring, is designed to mislead you into thinking you’re getting a bargain & is also used by the sofa chains.

Similarly, the discount a builder tells you that’s available at a trade supplier like Howdens will start from a massively inflated price. A good showroom will offer its best price without tricks.

3. Who’s going to fit your kitchen for sale?

So you’ve picked a kitchen for sale, and now it needs to be fitted. The big chains charge a fortune, so many people use a builder, who’ll quote less than half their price. The problem is that a non-specialist might do an adequate job, but no more than that.

If you find a good local showroom, you can buy a reasonably priced high-quality kitchen and have it fitted by experts for around what the builder would charge, but in half the time and to a far higher standard. And, if there are problems, you won’t be caught in the middle of supplier and fitter trying to blame each other.

Of course, you need to find a good showroom, and that’s where I come in. I’ve spent many years supplying independent showrooms all over the country, and I can tell which ones will offer you the best value kitchens for you requirements.

Our FREE service finds you the best value kitchens.

We’ll recommend local showrooms who are much better value than places like Howdens, Wickes & Wren.

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