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Tell us the kitchen door style you like

Are you looking for a contemporary kitchen such as handleless? or, something more traditional like a shaker?

Tell us your budget

There’s an important reason we ask this. We cater for clients with different budgets & requirements. So, the showrooms we recommend could quote anywhere between £4,000 & £50,000 for the units, depending on which showrooms we recommend.

Therefore, to ensure that we only recommend showrooms that are suitable for your requirements, please tell us your budget for just the units (excluding worktops, appliances or fitting)

If you’re unsure of your budget for just the units & only know your overall budget, please tell us this is instead. When giving an overall budget, please tell us what it includes, e.g. ‘my overall budget is £20,000 which includes quartz worktops, Neff appliances and fitting’.

Tell us a bit more about what you’re looking for

So, for example, you want a German kitchen, you want dark blue coloured doors, you’re doing an extension & need the kitchen in 8 weeks, you want a Tom Howley/Harvey Jones style kitchen, you require pay monthly finance, you want some curved units.

We’ll then email you details of the best value showrooms for your requirements

The showrooms we recommend are within a 30 minute drive

You contact the showrooms directly for a FREE, no-obligation quote

Choose between supply only, fully fitted or fully fitted with building work

Most showrooms offer a choice between supply only or fully fitted. On average, they only charge £1,500 for fitting. This is less than the chains & similar to what builders charge.

Many can also quote for any building work required such as electrics, plumbing, plastering, tiling, flooring or decorating.

Showrooms are located throughout the UK

Some showrooms offer pay monthly finance

How do we know who offers the best value kitchens?

For many years, I worked for a large distributor that supplied independent kitchen showrooms. Therefore, I know which showrooms sell what brands and how the price and quality of those brands compare to each other & to the chains & trade only suppliers.

Surely the chains will be the best value as their units are in the sale?

No – because their sales are fake. The chains try to mislead consumers into thinking they’re getting a bargain by inflating their prices so they can then offer 50% off discounts. They then try & pressurise people into putting down a deposit by telling them their sale ends in a few days time.

Plus, their kitchens are low quality. Therefore, it won’t be long before their units start to look tired & worn out.

Also, the chains tend to design kitchens using a one-size-fits-all approach which rarely works. In contrast, independent kitchen showrooms usually design kitchens according to clients individual requirements. This ensures the best use of the available space.

Isn’t the best value way to buy a kitchen via a builder?

No – because their discounts are also fake. Although builders will tell you they’ll save you a fortune because of the 80% discounts they get from trade only suppliers, this is the same trick the chains use – designed to mislead you into thinking you’re getting a bargain. Trade only suppliers hike up their prices so builders can then tell consumers they get 80% off.

In reality, the prices builders quote for kitchens is usually similar to the chains.

Also, their units are no better quality than the chains. Therefore, it won’t be long before their units also start to look tired & worn out.

Plus, like the chains, trade-only suppliers also tend to design kitchens using a one-size-fits-all approach which rarely works.

No fake sales or pressure to buy

The showrooms we recommend won’t try & mislead you into thinking you’re getting a bargain by hiking up their prices so they can then offer 50% off. Instead, they’ll quote you their best price first.

Is there’s a catch?

No – using us is just like using a mortgage broker. The only difference is, we’ll find you the best value kitchen rather than mortgage.

Our service is FREE to consumers. If you buy a kitchen from a showroom we recommend, the showroom pays us a commission. This cost has no effect on the price you pay as showrooms do not pass it on.



Any recommendations supplied are done so based entirely on each individuals requirements. We are in no way linked or affiliated with any of the retailers we recommend. We recommend customers satisfy themselves as to the financial standing of any retailer they choose to instruct, and the ability of that retailer to perform the services required. We are unable to accept liability for any incidents, for example negligence, in the extremely unlikely event that they may arise.

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