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How to find cheap traditional kitchens that are built to last

If you’re looking for the best deal among the innumerable traditional kitchens for sale, there are usually two factors to balance. You’re looking for something inexpensive, but also a kitchen that will last. You don’t want to go through the whole process again a few years later because you’ve bought something low quality. So, how do you find cheap traditional kitchens that are built to last?

Traditional kitchens from the chains

The first stop for most people looking for traditional kitchens will be the big chains like Wickes, Magnet and Wren. They’re always telling us their kitchens are cheap, and they’ll probably be holding a 50% off sale. In fact, if you investigate, you’re likely to find the price has been inflated before taking the 50% off.

The big problem you’ll soon discover when visiting the chains is that although their kitchens are cheap in price, they are also cheap in terms of quality. So, the backs of their base units tend be 3 or 6mm thick rather than 18mm thick. The problem with thin backs is they’ll soon start to bow under the weight of the worktops. You’ll also find that their units are edged with paper thin melamine edging. The problem with this type of edging is it offers little or no protection for the delicate front edges. Sadly, these aren’t kitchens that are built to last.

Traditional kitchens from the trade suppliers

A more adventurous approach would be to buy through a builder from a trade supplier like Howdens or Benchmarx. Their traditional kitchens are priced similarly to the chains, but unfortunately the quality is no better.

Besides this, you’ll be tied in to using the builder to install your kitchen. While they may make an adequate job of it, they’re not specialists and your kitchen won’t have an expert finish. And, if there’s a problem, you’re likely to be caught between builder and supplier each blaming the other.

Traditional kitchens from independent kitchen showrooms

The hundreds of independent kitchen showrooms across the country usually sell very high-quality traditional kitchens. Compared with the chains, they use solid 18mm backs that will never bow under the weight of the worktops. Plus, their units will come with a thick PVC or ABS type edging specially designed to protect the delicate front edges of the units.

Unfortunately, many independent showrooms charge a high price to for their kitchens — but not all. A minority of independent showrooms sell traditional kitchens at a price similar to the chains but high quality. So, how do you find them?

That’s where I come in. After many years supplying showrooms up and down the country, I’ve a unique insight into which offer the best deals. I can point you to the local showrooms that supply long-lasting traditional kitchens for a surprisingly modest price.

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