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Should you buy an in frame kitchen?

When people are looking for a new kitchen, a popular choice nowadays is the in frame kitchen style. You only have to look at the online images to see why. There’s something very appealing about the look — but is an in frame kitchen really the way to go?

Why you should buy an in frame kitchen

The big reason to go for an in frame kitchen is, quite simply, that it looks fantastic. There’s something about those framed doors that oozes class, offering what could be taken for the ultimate bespoke look.

Why you shouldn’t buy an in frame kitchen

That’s a compelling argument, but unfortunately it’s not the whole story. There are several very good reasons why an in frame kitchen isn’t as attractive as it looks.

One reason is the cost. A door and frame is always going to be more expensive to produce than a door alone, which pushes up the price. Therefore, in frame kitchens will always cost about 50% more than standard shaker kitchens. So, If you were quoted say £5,000 for good quality units in a painted wood shaker, the equivalent in frame kitchen will cost about £7,500.

Besides this, some in frame kitchens aren’t very user friendly.  This is mainly the case on the type where the frame is attached to the carcass rather than the door. Cleaning out the inside of non framed kitchen units, for instance, is usually easy. You can just brush all the loose dirt and debris to the front and out into a waiting dustpan. However, when the frame is attached to the carcass, The floor of the unit is below the frame, and you can’t get the dirt over the lip. Therefore, You have to use a vacuum cleaner to get at it all. Even then, you need to tilt it awkwardly backwards against the frame.

When the frame is attached to the carcass, there’s another problem to. It makes the opening smaller than the space inside, so it can be difficult to get large items in. You’ll be forever tilting large plates diagonally to get them through the frame.

Ultimately, in frame kitchens can be a case of form over function. This is particularly the case for the type that have the frame attached to the carcass rather than the door. It’s also worth remembering that even if you can get over the practicality issues, you’re still left with the fact that in frame kitchens carry a hefty premium over standard shaker kitchens.

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