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How to find the best value kitchen manufacturers

To find the best possible deal for a new kitchen, you first need to indetify who are the best value kitchen manufacturers. That’s easier said than done, though, since the best value isn’t always what it seems to be. Here are a few tips.

1. The best value kitchen manufacturers aren’t always the cheapest

You may have heard the old saying “Buy cheap, buy twice” and it certainly applies to kitchens. With rare exceptions, the cheapest kitchen manufacturers aren’t usually the best value. A cheap kitchen will usually wear out quickly and need replacing within a short time. The best value kitchen is the least-expensive kitchen that’s built to last.

This means steering clear of High Street chains, like Wickes, Wren and Magnet, and trade suppliers like Howdens and Benchmarx. The quality you’ll find there is nothing special, and the kitchens aren’t even that cheap. That 50%-off sale is just the old trick of inflating the price beforehand, presenting the normal price as a discount.

2. You’ll find the best kitchen manufacturers at independent showrooms

The best independent kitchen showrooms are the places to find great-value kitchen manufacturers. They’re likely to offer prices similar to the chains, but the quality will be much higher. This means the kitchen will last far longer.

The difference is in the details. A high-quality kitchen’s unit backs are solid 18mm thick for strength & durability, rather than 3mm or 6mm hardboard which starts to bow quickly. The edging will be the superior PVC or ABS type that protects the delicate front edges from damage. And the gloss on the doors will be the high quality lacquered or acrilic type, rather than the low quality PVC, PET, foil or vinyl wrapped types which peel.

3. How to find the best quotes for kitchen manufacturers

In theory, it should be easy to find a good value local kitchen showroom. However, this is easier said than done. Their are literally hundreds of different kitchen brands sold by independent showrooms and all of the brands vary in price. Plus, even if you’re able to identify which brands are the cheapest, the prices showrooms quote for each specific brand will vary substantially. Therefore, it’s an almost impossible task to identify which brands are the best value & which showrooms are the cheapest for that specific brand.

However, it isn’t impossible with my help. I’ve been in the kitchen industry for many years & previously worked for one of the biggest companies who supply kitchen showrooms up & down the country with their kitchens. Therefore, I know which brands offer the best balance of price & quality & which showrooms sell them for the best possible prices. So, not only can I point you in the direction of the best value kitchen manufacturers, but also to the best value kitchen showrooms.

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