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How to find the best value kitchen retailers

When we’re looking for a new kitchen, we want both quality and a low price, but it’s not easy to balance the two. How do we find the kitchen retailers who’ll give us both?

Go to the big-chain kitchen retailers

That should work — after all, chains like Wickes, Magnet and Wren are always telling us they’re the best and cheapest kitchen retailers. The problem is they’re not.

While their prices seem reasonable, they achieve this by cutting the quality of the materials used which results in the kitchen needing to be replaced far sooner than you’d expect. The other problem with the chains is their designs tend to be at best, very basic & they charge a small fortune for fitting.

Go to trade suppliers instead of kitchen retailers

It might seem a clever fix to ignore kitchen retailers and use trade suppliers like Howdens or Benchmarx. In fact, their designs and quality of materials are no better than the chains, and nor are their prices.

You’ll also still need a fitter, and the obvious solution seems to be to use a local builder — many people also do this when buying from the chains. The problem is that, though a general builder may be competent at installing a kitchen, you won’t get as good a finish as a specialist kitchen fitter could offer in around half the time.

Buy from on-line kitchen retailers

On-line kitchen retailers appear to offer the cheapest prices, but this isn’t always as good a deal as it seems. They provide no design service, leaving you to sort out your order unaided, and many customers don’t realise till their kitchen is being installed that the price quoted is without a string of essential accessories and trims that they haven’t ordered..

There’s also the fact that, if anything goes wrong, service can be difficult to access on-line — and you’ll still need to find a fitter.

Go to good-value independent kitchen retailers

The best independent showrooms are as cheap as any other kitchen retailers, but offer design-led, high-quality kitchens, made from superior quality materials that are built to last. Their own fitters, experts in the kitchen designs they supply, charge little more than a builder, and there’ll be no wrangling between supplier and fitter if there’s a problem — you probably won’t even notice it.

Of course, not all independent showrooms are this good, but that’s where I come in. Many years of supplying showrooms all over the country means I can recommend the best value local kitchen retailers for your needs.

Our FREE service finds you the best value kitchens.

We’ll recommend local showrooms who are much better value than places like Howdens, Wickes & Wren.

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