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Revolutionary new ultra thin laminate worktops launched by Wilsonart

Up until now, you weren’t able to have an undermounted sink with laminate worktops. If you wanted an undermounted sink, your only choice was to have expensive granite, quartz, solid surface or wooden worktops. This is no longer the case.

Wilsonart has just launched Zenith, a new range of waterproof, 12.5mm ultra thin laminate worktops that are suitable for use with undermounted sinks.

What is Zenith?

Normal laminate worktops have a thin layer of laminate which is bonded onto a thick chipboard core. Zenith however is different. Zenith laminate worktops are made by compacting several layers of laminate together.

Zenith laminate worktops 4

What are the advantages of Zenith?

100% Waterproof

Because there’s no chipboard core, Zenith is 100% waterproof. Therefore, Zenith is suitable for use with undermounted sinks. As there’s no chipboard core, you can also have drainer grooves cut into it Zenith.

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More durable than normal laminate worktops

According to the manufacturers Wilsonart, Zenith also has enhanced performance features that make it even harder wearing than normal laminate worktops.

Can be quickly & easily installed on-site by a kitchen fitter

One of the big disadvantages of granite & quartz worktops is they increase the time it takes to fit & complete a kitchen from around a week to 2 weeks. This is because the fabricators have to first come & template (measure) & then deliver & fit the granite or quartz a week later. However, this isn’t the case with Zenith. Zenith can be cut & installed on-site by kitchen fitters. Therefore, Zenith takes no longer to install than normal laminate worktops.

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Much cheaper than granite, quartz or solid surface worktops

Another big advantage is cost. For an average sized kitchen, granite, quartz or solid surface worktops usually cost around £2,000 – £2,500. In contrast, Zenith laminate worktops cost around £800.

What are the disadvantages of Zenith?

It’s more expensive than normal laminate

Although Zenith is much cheaper than granite, quartz & solid surface worktops, it’s still more expensive than normal laminate. Normal laminate worktops can be purchased for as little as £200-300.

It’s not cold to the touch like granite or quartz

One of the reasons why people love granite & quartz worktops is it’s cold to the touch. However, just like normal laminate, worktops Zenith isn’t cold to the touch. Zenith may look like granite or quartz, but it doesn’t feel like granite or quartz.

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To find out more about Zenith, visit the Wilsonart website: http://www.wilsonart.co.uk/zenithworktops

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