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Where to buy the best value modern kitchens

Modern kitchens look great in the showroom, but it’s also important that they are well made & built to last. Unfortunately, because they can also be expensive, there’s a temptation to cut costs. So where can you buy the best modern kitchens without breaking the bank?

Where to buy the best value modern kitchens

If you look carefully, there are local kitchen showrooms selling affordable, high-quality, modern kitchens. So, for you’re hard earned cash, you’ll get high quality painted & lacquered doors that will never peel and solid 18mm backs that will never bow. What’s even better, is that these kitchens will cost you no more than what you’ll pay for a much lower quality kitchen from somewhere like Wickes, Howdens or Wren.

The catch, is that you have to find the right showrooms, which can be like finding a needle in a haystack. That’s where I come in. Having worked in the kitchen industry for many years, a lot of it with a company that supplied most of the kitchen showrooms around country, I can point you in the direction of the local showrooms whose modern kitchens are much better value than places like Wickes, Howdens or Wren.

Where not to buy modern kitchens

But is all this really necessary? The big high street chains, such as Wickes, Magnet and Wren, or the trade suppliers like Howdens, have branches everywhere, and they’re constantly running advertising campaigns to tell us how great their kitchens are, and how cheap.

Unfortunately, the only way they’re actually cheap is in quality. All that advertising, in addition to their huge premises in prime locations, add up to large overheads. Where the local showrooms can spend on quality, the chains need to cut costs — and therefore quality.

The result is that the modern kitchens you’ll get from the chains & trade suppliers will tend to have low quality PET, PVC, vinyl or foil wrapped type doors which will soon start to peel and 3mm or 6mm hardback backs, which will soon start to bow under the weight of the worktops. And this for prices similar to what the high-quality local showrooms offer.

How to get the best value modern kitchens fitted

Modern kitchens still have to be fitted when you’ve bought them, and this is where the chains get really expensive. You can get the job done for a fraction of a the price by using a local builder but, although you may get adequate results, a builder doesn’t know the ins and outs of kitchens in general, and the brand you’ve bought in particular.

The showroom you’ve bought the kitchen from, on the other hand, will specialise in that brand. They can fit it in half the time it would take the builder and with far better results, yet for a similar price — typically around £1,300. Plus, because you’re using the same company to supply & fit your kitchen, there’s much less chance of things going wrong. If you use multiple parties to supply your kitchen, there’s always the risk that if things do go wrong, you’ll be left stuck in the middle with a half finished kitchen trying to work out who is to blame.

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