Solid Wood Kitchens

3 things to consider when looking at solid wood kitchens

When you’re browsing the various solid wood kitchens for sale, they all look great in the showroom. That doesn’t mean, though, that they’re all equally good. There are some basic checks to make sure you get one that will still look good years down the line.

1. Not all solid wood kitchens are high quality

The doors of your kitchen might be made of high quality solid wood, but the carcasses are often low quality. You probably won’t notice any problems at first, but they’ll start becoming obvious within a few years.

High quality solid wood kitchens should have sold 18mm backs. Thinner hardboard backs will start to bow. The edging on the units should be of tough PVC or ABS, to protect the delicate front edges & to prevent damage. And make sure they don’t skimp on the hinges for the doors and mechanisms for the drawers. If you settle for low quality with these, you’ll soon find your drawers starting to jam and your doors starting to drop.

2. Cracking around joints with painted solid wood kitchens

A painted solid wood door should be excellent quality — certainly better than inferior foil or vinyl wrapped equivalents. However,  It does have its downside, though. The expansion and contraction of the wood due to changes of temperature may make the paint crack around the joints.

This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. It can even give solid wood kitchens an authentic feel. If you find cracked paint unsightly, though, you’d be better going for painted MDF doors. Since MDF isn’t solid wood, it’s subject to far less expansion and contraction, and you’ll have crack-free doors.

3. Painted solid wood kitchens — different grain structures

All wood has its own characteristic grain, depending on the species of tree it’s come from. Any time you use a natural product, of course, you have to work with its characteristics. If you’re looking at solid wood kitchens, it’s important to think about choosing the right wood.

Some woods, such as oak, have a very heavy grain, which is ideal for a traditional look. However, If you want a more contemporary feel, on the other hand, a wood with a lighter grain would suit better. Ash is a perfect choice for this.

Depending on what you choose, solid wood kitchens can turn out wonderful or disastrous. If you make a few simple checks, though, you’ll have a kitchen that will look great for years to come.

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