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hand painted kitchens

Are hand painted kitchens worth the money?

If you want a high-class kitchen with an individual character, hand painted kitchens certainly offer that. On the other hand, are they really worth what you’d have to pay to buy one, though? Reasons not to buy hand painted kitchens The biggest argument against buying hand painted kitchens is, quite simply, that they’re eye-wateringly expensive […]

in frame kitchen

Should you buy an in frame kitchen?

When people are looking for a new kitchen, a popular choice nowadays is the in frame kitchen style. You only have to look at the online images to see why. There’s something very appealing about the look — but is an in frame kitchen really the way to go? Why you should buy an in […]

Traditional kitchens

How to find cheap traditional kitchens that are built to last

If you’re looking for the best deal among the innumerable traditional kitchens for sale, there are usually two factors to balance. You’re looking for something inexpensive, but also a kitchen that will last. You don’t want to go through the whole process again a few years later because you’ve bought something low quality. So, how […]