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Kitchen Designer

How to find the best kitchen designer

If you want your new kitchen to not only look great but also be practical to use, you’ll need to find a great kitchen designer. There’s no doubt that the designers you’ll find in high end, luxury kitchen showroom are usually great. However, not everyone has got £30,000 + to spend on a kitchen. So, […]

Kitchen Shop

How to find the best-value kitchen shop

If you’re thinking of buying a new kitchen, you need the kitchen shop that offers best value. Good value doesn’t just mean the lowest price, of course. A kitchen that only lasts a few years isn’t good value, however cheap it is. So where should you look for the best-value kitchen shop? Are the chains […]

Kitchen Prices

What’s the easiest way to compare kitchen prices?

If we’re looking for a new kitchen, how is it possible to sort through the bewildering array of kitchen prices? Compare kitchen prices on The website allows you to compare kitchen prices from most of the major chains. It covers chains stores like Wickes, Homebase, B&Q and Wren. However, there are several drawer […]

buy a kitchen

How to get the best deal when you buy a kitchen

If you’re planning to buy a kitchen, you’ll want the best deal — a high quality kitchen for the lowest possible price.  Unless you’re one of those rare people for whom money’s no object, that balance of price and quality is crucial. So how can you go about getting it? Where you won’t get the […]

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