Modern German Kitchens

How to find the best-value modern German kitchens

For sheer quality, it isn’t easy to beat modern German kitchens. The problem is that German brands can be as expensive as they’re high class. Is there a way to enjoy the luxury of modern German kitchens at a price most of us can afford?

In fact, there is — as long as you follow a few simple guidelines.

Don’t buy expensive brands of modern German kitchens

When we think of modern German kitchens, we tend to think of brands like Siematic & Poggenpohl. These are great kitchens, but you’ll pay over £50,000 for the quality of these brands.

If you can afford that much, go ahead, and you’ll have a great kitchen. For most of us, though, the aim is to balance quality and price to get the best possible value. There are ways of achieving this, but not by going for the familiar brands.

Don’t look for modern German kitchens in prosperous areas

The price of any given kitchen will vary considerably from one showroom to another. The difference will be the showroom’s profit margin — and this will be what they think their customers will pay.

Customers in a prosperous neighbourhood are more likely to be willing to pay higher prices. The showrooms know that and are likely to work on much higher margins for their modern German kitchens. In a more average area, however, customers are looking for a bargain, and this is where you’re more likely to find competitive prices.

Look for showrooms that keep their profit margins low

Unless you’re considering buying a German kitchen from one of the top end brands like Siematic & Poggenpohl, It’s not actually the brand that determines the price you’ll be quoted for modern German kitchens. The main factor will be the showroom’s profit margin, and that’s usually high. It’s only a minority of showroom’s that work to sensible profit margins and can offer genuine bargains for quality.

The problem, of course, is that the showrooms don’t advertise what their profit margin is. There’s really no such thing as cheaper brand. Some brands are cheaper for the dealer, but that doesn’t necessarily reflect the price you’re quoted.

And that’s precisely where I can help you. I’ve worked in the industry for many years, supplying showrooms up and down the country with their kitchens. So, I know the showrooms that work to high profit margins & the ones that work to low profit margins. This means I can recommend a convenient showroom for you that quotes a very competitive price for modern German kitchens. In fact, many of the showrooms I recommend are so competitively priced that their German kitchens are similar in price to places like Howdens, Wickes & Wren!

If your considering buying a German kitchen & want to ensure you’re getting it for the best possible price, just get in touch.

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