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How to find the best value luxury German kitchens

When we imagine the highest-quality kitchens, many of us would immediately think of luxury German kitchens. There’s no doubt that the German brands are world beaters, but they can also come with a price tag to match. Is there a way to buy luxury German kitchens without breaking the bank?

Avoid expensive brands of luxury German kitchens

The best known brands of luxury German kitchens are likely to also be the most expensive. Siematic, Poggenpohl, Eggersmann, Warendorf and Bulthaup, among others, will set you back well over £50,000.

If money’s genuinely no object, then by all means go for one of these. If you’re looking for a balance of quality and value, however, don’t just reach for the familiar brands. There are ways of finding kitchens just as almost as good for a fraction of the price.

Avoid affluent areas for luxury German kitchens

It’s a mistake to assume that all showrooms charge the same for a given kitchen. Showrooms will typically add however much of a mark-up they think their customers will pay.

The more affluent the area is, the more the showrooms will feel they can charge for their luxury German kitchens. If you find a showroom in a less affluent area, they’ll know their customers are looking for competitive prices. This is the situation where you’re likely to get a good price for a high quality kitchen.

Find the showrooms who work on smaller profit margins

The price you’ll be quoted at a showroom for luxury German kitchens doesn’t depend on the brand. It depends on how much of a mark-up the showroom chooses to add on. Most showrooms charge a hefty premium and work on big margins, and only a small minority stick to a sensible margin.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible for the customer to know what margin is being added. What’s quoted isn’t determined by the brand, so you can’t actually say there’s such a thing as a cheaper brand. Some brands are cheaper for the dealer, but can still cost you more if the showroom charges a high mark-up.

That’s where I can help you. Having supplied showrooms all over the country for many years, I know how they work. I’ll be able to find a showroom convenient for you that sells luxury German kitchens at a sensible mark-up.

For a high-quality kitchen at the best-value price, get in touch and see what I can do for you.

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