Rigid kitchens

Where to find the best-value rigid kitchens

Buying rigid kitchens is usually better than going for a flat-pack option, though either can work with expert fitting. As always, though, the big question is where to find the best-value rigid kitchens.

Buying rigid kitchens from trade suppliers

Trade suppliers such as Howdens supply rigid kitchens, and many people assume they’ll be the best value. However, the reality is their kitchens are much lower quality than what you’ll find in most independent showrooms. For instance, the backs in their base units will be flimsy 3-6mm hardboard, which soon starts to bow. Also, their modern gloss & matt doors tend to be the low quality vinyl or foil wrapped kind, which tend to peel. So, rather than getting the best value kitchen, You’ll probably find yourself having to replace your kitchen within five years.

Another major problem with buying rigid kitchens from a trade supplier is the fitting. Although you may think a builder can fit a kitchen as well as a specialist kitchen fitter, 95% of builders can’t. At best, you’ll only get an average finish. Remember, how ever good quality a kitchen you buy is, it will only be as good as how it’s fitted.

Buying rigid kitchens from high street chains

Most people would look for rigid kitchens in the high street chains like Wickes, Wren and Magnet. The problem here is that most of them only sell flat pack kitchens. Also, for the ones that do sell rigid kitchens, their quality is no better than the trade suppliers.

Besides this, they’ll charge £3,000-£4,000 for fitting, at least double what you should be paying. This leads many customers to cut corners and go for a builder, with the poor results already mentioned. Also, if something goes wrong, you could get caught between supplier and fitter each trying to blame the other.

Buying rigid kitchens from independent showrooms

Compared with high street chains and trade suppliers, rigid kitchens from independent showrooms are usually much high quality & will last longer. The backs in their base units tend to be 18mm thick & their modern gloss or matt doors tend to be the high quality lacquered or acrylic type. These kitchens will still look great years down the line.

You’ll also get far better standard of fit than a builder for a similar price. The showroom will supply and fit the kitchen, meaning any problems will be quickly put right without fuss. The fitters also specialise in the kitchen they’re fitting, so fitting will be quicker and better finished.

Most independent showrooms offer high quality kitchens that are built to last. However, their prices vary. Some will be compete on price with the trade suppliers & chains whereas other will be more expensive. So, how do you find the one that compete on price with trade suppliers & the chains?

That’s where I come in. Many years of supplying independent showrooms around the country has given me a unique insight into which independent showrooms offer the best value kitchens. So, if you’re looking for a kitchen that competes on price with the trade suppliers & chains but is much higher quality & will last longer, get in touch & I’ll point you in the direction of the best value local showrooms.

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