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The pros and cons of painted kitchen cupboards

When we’re looking for a new kitchen, we want it looking good, lasting a long time and a reasonable price. Our choice is going to balance those three factors. Painted kitchen cupboards, for instance, aren’t going to be cheap, but we’d assume there’ll be pros as well as cons.

The pros of painted kitchen cupboards

  • The big plus you’ll get from painted kitchen cupboards is the quality of the finish. Painted wood or MDF has a smooth, silky look and feel. The cheaper options, such as vinyl, foil or PVC wrapped doors, can’t quite live up to that finish.
  • During the life of your kitchen, you may want to change the colour. Perhaps you’ll get tired of the colour you chose, or perhaps it’ll go out of fashion. Unlike the cheaper alternatives, which can’t be changed, painted kitchen cupboards can be easily repainted.
  • One of the factors we want from a kitchen is that it lasts, a big advantage of painted kitchen cupboards. Unlike vinyl, foil or PVC wrapped doors, painted wood or MDF will never peel.
  • Kitchen cupboards can easily get chipped, scratched or nicked, which can make them look old earlier than they should. All you need is to keep a small pot of the original paint, and you can touch in any blemish.

The cons of painted kitchen cupboards

  • Although chips are easier to repair on painted kitchen cupboards than on the cheaper types, they do happen more often. The vinyl, foil or PVC wrapped types tend to be tougher.
  • Like any luxury choice, painted kitchen cupboards are more expensive than the alternatives. The price can be kept down if you use the right showroom, but it’ll always be on the high side.
  • If you go for painted kitchen cupboards, you’ll be facing longer lead times. With several coats of paint, and time in between for each to dry, that’s inevitable. While the cheaper cupboards may take 2-3 weeks, you’re likely to be waiting 4-5 weeks for painted cupboards.

Should you choose painted kitchen cupboards?

There are both pros and cons for painted kitchen cupboards — it really depends on what your priorities are. If you want your cupboards cheap and to have them quickly and needing less maintenance, they’re probably not for you. If you have the budget and don’t mind waiting or occasional touching in nicks, they’re a great option. You can look forward to a stylish kitchen.

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