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How to find the best-value kitchen shop

If you’re thinking of buying a new kitchen, you need the kitchen shop that offers best value. Good value doesn’t just mean the lowest price, of course. A kitchen that only lasts a few years isn’t good value, however cheap it is.

So where should you look for the best-value kitchen shop?

Are the chains the best-value kitchen shop?

The major high street chains, such as Wickes and Wren, are always claiming to be the cheapest kitchen shop. Even better, they usually have sales offering 50% off — but this isn’t all it seems. Most of the time, they simply double the price, so the original figure can be presented as “50% off”.

Even so, the price isn’t bad, but unfortunately their kitchens are cheap in quality as well as price. Their flimsy 3 or 6mm unit backs will quickly start to bow, while their low-quality gloss or matt doors will soon peel within a short time. Unfortunately these kitchens won’t last you long.

To add insult to injury, the chains also charge an arm and a leg for fitting. You could get your local builder to do the job more cheaply, but a non-expert will do a non-expert job. You also risk getting caught between the supplier and the fitter blaming one another if something goes wrong.

Are the trade suppliers the best-value kitchen shop?

You could go straight to your local builder, who’ll claim to be able to get massive discounts from trade suppliers. Howdens, Benchmarx and the other trade suppliers do give big discounts, but these won’t necessarily be passed on to you.

In practice, you’ll pay about the same as if you went to a kitchen shop chain like Wickes or Wren. Their kitchens are of the same low quality, too — and you still have the problem of non-specialist fitting.

Are the independent showrooms the best kitchen shop?

If you’re looking for a kitchen shop supplying high-quality kitchens that will last, independent showrooms are the best option. Their 18mm thick solid unit backs will never bow and their high quality lacquered gloss & matt doors that will never peel will ensure your kitchen will last for many years. And they can fit it expertly for little more than the builder would charge for an inferior job.

The trouble is that many independent showrooms charge high prices — but not all, and that’s where I come in. Many years supplying independent showrooms throughout the country means I know which showrooms sell what kitchen ranges & how the price & quality of all the ranges & showrooms compare. That’s why I can recommend an independent kitchen shop near you who’ll offer you a kitchen that’s similar in price to the chains & trade suppliers, but much higher quality & will last longer.

Our FREE service finds you the best value kitchens.

We’ll recommend local showrooms who are much better value than places like Howdens, Wickes & Wren.

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