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How to find the best value fitted kitchen supplier

A new kitchen is a major investment, and we’re all looking for great value. So how do you find a fitted kitchen supplier who’ll give quality without breaking the bank?

Avoid big fitted kitchen supplier chains

Most people looking for a fitted kitchen supplier go for the big chains, such as Wickes, Magnet and Wren. After all, their advertisements are everywhere, telling us they’re the best and the cheapest. Even better, they’re probably running a 50% off sale.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Their kitchens aren’t great quality and probably won’t last as long as you expect. They seem reasonably cheap — until you get the bill for fitting, which costs an arm and leg. And that 50% off? That’s the oldest sales trick in the business, where the price is increased first before being cut.

Don’t use a builder as your fitted kitchen supplier

Many general builders will offer to be your fitted kitchen supplier. They claim to be able to buy at a huge trade discount from a trade supplier like Howdens or Benchmarx. However, the kitchens are no better in quality than those from the chains. Besides, the trade discounts are as manipulated as the 50% off, and you still have to pay the builder’s mark-up.

Then there’s the fitting. This will be a lot less than the chains charge, but a general builder isn’t a specialist. You might get an OK job, but they won’t have the expert knowledge of a specialist kitchen fitter to make your kitchen look great.

Use an independent showroom as your fitted kitchen supplier

The best fitted kitchen supplier is likely to be one of the better independent kitchen showrooms. You’ll get your kitchen for a price similar to what the chains charge, but it will be far better quality. For instance, the gloss doors will be the superior lacquered type, not the low quality PVC, PET, foil or vinyl wrapped type the chains supply. They’ll also put far more thought and expertise into the kitchen design.

When it comes to fitting, the independent showroom will charge a price similar to a general builder. However, you’ll get an expert finish for your kitchen in a fraction of the time. Besides, if your supplier and fitter are the same company, there’ll be no wrangling if something goes wrong. Why wouldn’t you use one supplier for everything?

Of course, not all independent showrooms are this good, and that’s where I come in. I spent many years supplying showrooms all over the country. Therefore, I know which local showrooms offer the best value kitchens.

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