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Are hand painted kitchens worth the money?

If you want a high-class kitchen with an individual character, hand painted kitchens certainly offer that. On the other hand, are they really worth what you’d have to pay to buy one, though?

Reasons not to buy hand painted kitchens

The biggest argument against buying hand painted kitchens is, quite simply, that they’re eye-wateringly expensive from the big names. These include Tom Howley, Harvey Jones, deVol, Clive Christian and Smallbone. If you go to one of these, you’re looking at paying a small fortune for a kitchen.

You pay for the quality of the hand pained kitchen units, but these companies are expensive on all counts. You’ll also find yourself paying over the odds for their worktops, appliances & fitting.

Reasons for buying hand painted kitchens

Expensive or not, there’s nothing like hand painted kitchens. They have the charm and quality of something real and handmade, like a wooden floor as against a laminate one. Factory spraying is perfect and uniform, but has no character. With hand painting, you can see the brushstrokes. Like the grain and the knots in a wooden floor, the imperfections themselves bring it to life.

The other big advantage of hand painted kitchens is that the units are complete pieces of furniture. In a standard kitchen for example, of an evening when you have the under wall unit lights on, you’ll be able to see light shining through the small gap between the light baffle & the wall units. However, with a hand painted kitchen, you won’t have this problem. This is because every gap is filled before it’s painted (a process called ‘corking’).

Best places to buy hand painted kitchens

If you want the quality and charm offered by hand painted kitchens without the price, all isn’t lost. There are a some independent kitchen showrooms that sell them for a sensible prices.

I don’t mean they’re cheap, of course. Nevertheless, when you’re not paying a huge premium for the the name, you can find hand painted kitchens for as little as £35,000 whereas an equivalent could cost you £60,000 from the big names.

The catch is that you have to find the right showrooms, and that’s where I come in. I worked for many years in the industry and spent much of it supplying independent showrooms all across the country. Therefore, I know which showrooms sell what hand painted kitchen ranges & how they compare in price. Therefore, I’m able to point you in the direction of the showrooms who’ll offer you a hand painted kitchen for a fraction of the price of places like Tom Howley, Harvey Jones, deVol, Clive Christian and Smallbone.

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