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How to find cheap kitchen cabinets that are also high quality

Unless you’re in the fortunate position to easily afford the most kitchen expensive brands, you’ll be looking for a bargain. The problem is that a genuine bargain isn’t just cheap — it also has to be decent quality & built to last. Unfortunately,  It’s not so easy to find both at the same time. So, where do you go for cheap kitchen cabinets that are also high quality?

Cheap kitchen cabinets from the high street chains

It’s reasonable to assume that the big high street chains like Wickes, Magnet and Wren offer great bargains. After all, their advertising campaigns are constantly telling us about their amazing deals.

Unfortunately, their cheap kitchen cabinets are also cheap in terms of quality. So, the backs of their base cabinets tend to be just 3mm or 6mm thick. The problem with thin backs like these is it won’t be long before they start to bow under the weight of the worktops. Similarly, their modern gloss & matt doors tend to be the low quality foil, vinyl or PET wrapped type. The problem with these is it won’t be long before they start to peel. As for the edging on the carcasses, it’s usually the low quality, iron-on type. The problem with this type is it offers virtually no protection for the delicate front edges of the cabinets.

Cheap kitchen cabinets from trade suppliers via a builder

If you give up on the high street for cheap kitchen cabinets, what about the trade suppliers? Well, unfortunately, the quality of the cheap kitchen cabinets they sell are much the same as the chains.

The other problem with kitchens from trade suppliers is they aren’t even usually cheap. Your builder will probably tell you about the 75% discounts they can secure from suppliers like Howdens or Benchmarx. However,  once the builder adds his mark up on to cost of the kitchen, the kitchen will usually work out similar in price to the chains, sometimes even more!

Cheap kitchen cabinets from independent kitchen showrooms

For genuinely high quality kitchen cabinets, the independent showrooms are usually your best bet. Their cabinets will usually have solid 18mm thick backs that will never bow under the weight of the worktops, high quality painted/lacquered modern doors that will never peel & a thick PVC/ABS edging to protect the delicate font edges of the carcasses.

Unfortunately, in most cases these can’t be described as cheap kitchen cabinets — you pay a high price for the quality. There are exceptions, though. A small number of independent showrooms sell the same high quality kitchens far cheaper. Because they keep their margins sensible, their kitchens cost similar to what the chains & trade suppliers charge for much lower quality products.

The problem, of course, is to find these showrooms among the high-charging ones, and that’s where I come in. Many years of experience supplying independent showrooms all over the country give me knowledge of which showrooms offer the genuine bargains.

If you want cheap kitchen cabinets that are also built to last, get in touch and I’ll show you where to find them.

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